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What Is Pre Workout - Why Do I Need It?

You're getting into the swing of things at the gym. You're feeling a bit low energy but you want to go (because you're determined and committed!). You don't want to eat something before you go because you're worried it won't settle in time and you'll feel sick. Trust us, it's not a good feeling. 

So what should you do? 


Pre workout.

You've probably heard of it before. The thing that gives you an energy boost, but too much of it makes you go wild. 

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So what is pre workout? Don't worry, you won't actually go wild. You'll just have more energy! 

Pre workout is a supplement that usually has caffeine in it to help boost your energy and maximise your performance during your workout. Our Pre Workout helps to boost energy and focus with an awesome 250mg of caffeine in it! It's an natural stimulant, with studies showing it may improve mental alertness, memory, exercise performance and fat burning. It can also help with suppressing your appetite which can help with weight loss.

Some other ingredients in Pre Workout that can help maximise your performance and results are: 

Creatine Monohydrate - to help increase muscle energy and recovery

Beta Alanine - helps to delay fatigue, increases the anaerobic threshold and provides power and strength to build muscle mass

L-Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate (AAKG) - dilates blood vessels to increase blood flow and circulation of vital nutrients to increase strength, endurance and recovery

Taurine - added to assist with maintaining focus and improving cognitive function

Our Pre Workout is also tested and approved to have no banned substances in it. So it's the perfect supplement to give you that extra boost and focus you need to give you results. 


Check it out today.

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